How to convert WordPress website into mobile app

How to convert WordPress website into mobile app

October 31, 2019

Table of Content:

  1. Ensure the WordPress Webpage consist of a mobile edition
  2. Utilize PhoneGap Build in order to make an Application
  • Preparation
  • Make Application Documents
  • Configure the application
  • The actual build
  • Testing the application
  1. Alternative Application Builders
  2. Conclusion


Why make an application in any case, I hear you inquire? Apps probably won’t be extremely helpful for advertising any longer, yet they are very advantageous for your clients – providing them to a greater degree a decision about how they communicate along the webpage. Alongside the continued increase of smartphone internet – more individuals currently get to the web. By means of mobile phone applications as compared to PC’s – applications are blooming, as most are not even close as problematic or awkward as mobile internet browsers. Here you are learning how-to-convert-wordpress-website-into-mobile-app.

You never again need a lot of cash or coding learning to manufacture an equipped application. Let’s investigate them, will we?

1.Ensure the WordPress Webpage consist of a mobile edition:

In case that the WordPress webpage is not optimized for cell phones, there is actually no reason for this. Thus, optimize and improve it! Obviously it is simplest to just utilize a responsive WordPress mobile theme, for instance, Total. However, in case that specific theme is not responsive there are a lot of modules that could help.


iThemes plus WPtouch Mobile will both let you make straightforward however compelling mobile themes dependent on the present webpage design and plan. The panel of administration gives you a chance to personalize most parts of their look and appearance deprived of disturbing the code.

A basic module is Any Mobile Theme Switcher that will recognize the gadget your observer is utilizing. Plus show a particular theme for that gadget. Thus, in case that you need to adjust different themes – and one for every mobile operating system – you could do it that manner.

mobile pack

At long last, there is the Pack of Mobile WordPress, which proposes a large group of cross-stage mobile web apps, theming and UI choices, and simple joining alongside Google Analytics.

2.Utilize PhoneGap Build in order to make an Application:



Presently you could begin alongside Adobe PhoneGap to really make an application for the WordPress site.

  • Preparation:

Before you begin ensure you consist of an approach in order to test the available application. Plus you could utilize browser program dev tools in order to copy cell phone views, or attempt a facility, for instance, CrossBrowser Testing. Though, in case that you could oversee it truly is ideal to have an Android and an iOS gadget close by.

Next, you must head over to basically Adobe’s PhoneGap. Build plus tap on the mammoth “totally free” plan key to make a free account of Adobe (or sign in alongside the current logins) to begin. The free basic plan permits for a private single application (which utilizes a Github private repo) or OpenSource unlimited applications (open the Github repos) around 50MB in size. In this way, in case you are just making one application the free plan must work fine.

  • Make Application Documents:

The root index requires containing key documents for PhoneGap in order to build the application. Explicitly the config.xml, index.html plus a folder of res catalog.

You could download the basic example Hello World PhoneGap template to perceive in what way the structure functions. In case that you open this up, it will resemble this:


Thus, as should be obvious, the two important documents will basically be the index.html and config.xml with included folders for pictures, CSS, JS plus the res folder we referenced.

Next, you will have to make the symbols to go in the res folder. You could utilize any picture vector or processing program for this, given that the outcome is a .png or .jpg bigger than 1000×1000 px. how-to-convert-wordpress-website-into-mobile-app.

IconsFlow is an incredible device to assist you with making proficient application symbols speedy utilizing preset gradients, colors choices, images, and so forth. Simply design the symbol, make a free of cost account plus download the documents. In case that you as of now have a symbol yet require it resized for all gadgets plus OS’s, the free Application Symbol Producer could do only that. Yet, in case that you organize a speedy Google search you will discover there are a lot

of different services, webpages and applications to look over to make the icon or symbol.

  • Configure the application:

The config.xml is the application’s configuration document which controls the vast majority of the application’s capacities. It works over all stages, thus, you do not require stressing over changing it for a particular operating system. Here is the example given in the PhoneGap documents:


For the application, you will comprise general gadget data (edition, edition and code invert domain id for Android), description, name, platform, and author (however just in case that you need to determine a single stage – forgetting about this implies every one of the 3 stages will have applications made).

  • The actual build:

welcome to adobe

Go to the webpage of PhoneGap Builder plus log in. You will be given the empty applications screen. With the organized compress document close by you must realize what to do straightaway: upload it by means of the right key.

Then again you could interface the Adobe account to the Github. The bit of scope to this is having the option to pull from the repositories, yet it is up to you. Regardless – tap one of the 2 major keys to begin the procedure.

The program will actually analyze the information plus present you alongside a screen indicating the subtleties of the application to-be. All that you require to do from that point is tap ready to build, plus it will get the opportunity to work. how-to-convert-wordpress-website-into-mobile-app.

  • Testing the Application:

With the application done plus all set you could test it by tapping the symbol to download a particular application stage it to the gadget. Or on the other hand, you could explore to the application’s public webpage on an iOS/Android gadget as well as download it from that point. At that moment install plus introduce it from the  downloads document.

3.Alternative Application Builders:

Notwithstanding iOS’s instruments. There are a lot of other application building modules and services you could utilize, a large number of which will likewise work, in any case, an Android application at no expense.

app preser

AppPresser is the greatest, the most well-known and probably the principal mobile application WordPress System. It proposes full coordination. Where most application builders just utilize a feed from the WordPress webpage.  AppPresser gives you a chance to utilize all your modules, pages and posts. Furthermore, it consequently updates the application when you make any modifications to the webpage. It highlights full help for web based business, as well.

wp webapp

WP Webapp is actually a WordPress module that accomplishes generally a similar thing. Just as PhoneGap technique above, yet simpler, with some additional whistles and bells. You do not need to experience the issue of messing around alongside the folders or altering the config document. There are two different levels. Enterprise and Pro that proposes things like a single tap setup, sprinkle screens plus installation for around 25 sites.


There is a huge amount of approaches to construct an application, and despite. The fact that it appears to be threatening from the start, the above strategies make it unimaginably straightforward. Simply ensure you have a decent mobile webpage to begin with.

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