Use of Git in WordPress Development

Use of Git in WordPress Development

October 24, 2019

Table of Content:

  1. What Is Git?
  2. Utilizing Git of the WordPress
  3. Benefits of utilizing Git
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Broadly Acknowledged
  1. Significant Operations Which Could Be Performed On Git
  • Initialize
  • Include
  • Commit
  • Push
  • Pull
  1. Plugins or Modules For Utilizing Git Alongside WordPress
  • VersionPress
  • WP Pusher
  • WordPress GitHub Sync
  1. Conclusion

You are aware of Git, correct? It is among the most famous control systems edition being used these days. Also, it is all over the place: Pre-installed and introduced by numerous hosting and facilitating suppliers, utilized as the framework that works behind Bitbucket and GitHub, plus now even incorporated alongside simple to-utilize plugins and modules of WordPress.Here you are learning Use of Git in WordPress Development.


What Is Git?

Linus Torvalds created this and at first introduced on April 7th 2005, Git is open-source and totally free distributed (VCS) Version Control System which is utilized to follow the adjustments in the PC documents. As such, you could state that Git is actually a repository which is utilized for the management of source code throughout the software advancement procedure.

Utilizing Git of the WordPress:

Most importantly, GitHub an account will be created. Go on the link plus create a free account, or in case that you have enrolled already then sign in.

build for developer

In case that you have enlisted and finished the email affirmation, at that moment you are all set to make a new repository. You need to do that by tapping the symbol of plus on the upper right corner of the display.


Set the name of repository (for example “my_jupiter”), plus after that pick in case that you need it to be private or public. Setting this to public enables anybody to see the code, yet they won’t be permitted to alter it. Private archive or repository, then again, is accessible just for you. However, note, this is actually a paid alternative. At the moment, once you have done the above phase, mark the checkbox ” Initialize this repository with a README “, plus after that press the button ” Create repository “.

create repostory

Presently, install and introduce GitHub Desktop on the PC thus you could put the WordPress code theme in the repository.

Go to the link download Desktop GitHub as per the OS or working framework you are utilizing (accessible for Windows and macOS). We will utilize Windows edition for this guide. When you have downloaded it, discover the file of installation plus run the procedure of installation. At the moment once the installation is finished, you will get the screen as “Welcome”. Log in to the account of GitHub you have quite recently made, plus how about we get this amazing gear rolling.

welcome to git gub

On the following display, you will see three alternatives:

Clone a repository, add a local repository and Create new repository. As we have just made a repository, choose the choice Clone a repository.

selsect a repostory

The window will show up alongside the repositories on the GitHub. Pick the one that you require. For this specific example, well utilize my_jupiter. Pick the local way where you need to save it, plus after that tap the button of Clone.

clone a repostory

The GitHub repository now has been cloned to the local PC.

You would now include the WordPress code theme to the folder of repository. Continue to GitHub to syncing and committing this code. Discover the folder of repository you chose in the above stage on the PC, at that moment copy plus paste the whole files and documents from the theme in this folder.


Afterward, open the application of. You will get all of the files and documents you have included will show up in the window.


As should be obvious, all variations will be featured in green. These changes will be saved in the repository, enter certain content in the fields of Description and Summary to clarify the variations you have completed. After that, tap the button named as Commit to master.

commit to master

At long last, on GitHub service, changes will be uploaded. To perform this you need to tap the button as Fetch origin.

fetch origin

To check that:

Whole things have been uploaded and transferred to GitHub, visit the repository on the webpage of GitHub. You ought to have the option to see every one of the files there.

my jupitor

Furthermore, that is about it with regards to utilizing Git for the WordPress development and advancement! You have committed the WordPress code theme to repository of GitHub. Like so, you could synchronize entire variations during the procedure of development and improvement from the local repository to the service of GitHub.

The last stage is to upload cetain variations from GitHub repository to the live webpage of WordPress.

Indeed, there you basically have it. Presently, you could follow the variations on the webpage of WordPress, unbutton those variations, or return to an older edition alongside ease. Once utilizing Git for the WordPress development and improvement, you must not encounter any challenges in case that you pursue the stages likewise.

Benefits of utilizing Git:


One of the significant favorable circumstances of utilizing Git is that it is reliable and strong compared with some different version control framework. The very new code could be effectively dedicated, merged, compared, plus optimize proficiency.Use of Git in WordPress Development.


As a designer, once you are managing programming software improvement and development, you need a version control framework which is secure. And that is the place the job of Git comes in the image, as it keeps up the respectability of the source code.


This is maybe one of the significant reasons behind why engineers these days lean toward utilizing Git for the version control. Git proposes you the adaptability and flexibility to deal alongside nonlinear advancement flows, plus it could deal with large and small scale ventures.

Broadly Acknowledged

As all of you realize that, Git proposes characteristics like performance, security, functionality which most engineers requirements for software advancement. Because of this purpose, Git has been a well-known decision for the designer’s community.Use of Git in WordPress Development.

Significant Operations Which Could Be Performed On Git:

  1. Initialize

Enables you to make an unfilled Git repository or even reinitialize a current repository.

git init

  1. Include

Adds a file or document the local repository plus stage it for basically commit.

git add

  1. Commit

Record the screenshot of the variations.

git commit

  1. Push

Push commit created on the local division and branch in order to a repository which is remote.

git push

  1. Pull

Enables you to refresh plus update the local branch through bringing the information from the remote repository.

git pull

Plugins or Modules For Utilizing Git Alongside WordPress:

At the moment once you have executed Git in the picked environments, you could begin utilizing it to produce for WordPress. There are a few modules accessible that let you do only that. What pursues are three of the top choices advanced and beginners clients the same.Use of Git in WordPress Development.

  1. VersionPress:


  1. VersionPress is among the most comprehensive and versatile Git modules for WordPress. It basically sets up and arranges a repository on the server plus empowers you to return each change effectively. This even incorporates moving back the WordPress center after the updates. This additionally empowers you to simply branch plus merge webpages, even comprising the database.Use of Git in WordPress Development.

    Key Characteristics:

    • Supports all of the workflows of Git.
    • Is perfect and compatible alongside all of the significant Git hosts.
    • Proposes a straightforward plus intuitive administrator interface that does not expect you to know SSH or Git.

    Price: The plugin of VersionPress is totally free, alongside no premium versions.

  2. WP Pusher:


    git to wordpress

    WP Pusher is a module that interfaces the WordPress site to any of Git host, empowering you to move themes and modules amid the two. As an engineer, this empowers you to effectively install and introduce themes and modules onto a webpage, deprived of requiring SSH or SFTP.

    1. Key Characteristics:

      • Simply deploys the themes from all significant Git hosts.
      • Does not expect Git to be installed and introduced on the server.
      • Is compatible alongside multisite setups.

      Price: The free edition of WP Pusher could be utilized alongside public repositories. It likewise proposes numerous paid plans, beginning at 99 dollars every month.

    2. WordPress GitHub Syncgit hub sync

As the term proposes, WordPress GitHub Sync empowers you to adjust and sync WordPress webpage alongside any of the Git host. It proposes standard functionality of Git, recording entire variations to the webpage alongside the clients who create them. Despite that, it likewise empowers external clients to submit proposed variations through GitHub. In addition, you could sync and match up to a Jekyll webpage in case that you need to, which empowers you to keep up it utilizing the WordPress interface.Use of Git in WordPress Development.

Key Characteristics:

  • Is well-match alongside GitHub plus with Jekyll webpages.
  • Tracks all of the edits, alongside the clients’ names who create them.
  • Enables outer clients to submit through the GitHub.

Price: GitHub WordPress Sync is 100 percent free, alongside no premium versions.


Utilizing GitHub for development and advancement of WordPress awards you supreme control over each part of the projects. By utilizing Git’s amazing version control characteristics, you gain approach to each variation and change, empowering you to effortlessly return to prior editions of the documents. GitHub plus Git additionally make it simple for various designers to work together on a similar project.

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