Best Page Builder in WordPress

Best Page Builder in WordPress

October 7, 2019

Table of Content:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why utilize a drag and drop WordPress page builder?
  3. Utilizing a best free WordPress page builder plugin
    • Compatibility
    • Features
    • Responsiveness
    • Search Engine Optimization
  1. Best WordPress Website Builder
    • Beaver Builder
    • Divi Builder
    • Elementor
    • Themify Builder
    • Thrive Architect
    • SiteOrigin
    • WP Bakery Page Builder
  1. Conclusion: Which Page Builder for WordPress is the Best and Top Choice?


WordPress is amid the most favored site hosts across the planet. It is easy to utilize and incredible for corporations which are hoping to reveal their first site. Clients could rapidly get familiar alongside the essentials of webpage design plus construct effective and powerful site pages to host their text or content. Despite that, when you become familiar with the fundamentals of making pages, page editor of the WordPress does exclude numerous alternatives for customization.Best Page Builder in WordPress.

Searching for the best page builder plugin for WordPress? Want to manufacture a webpage deprived of hiring a designer? A drag and drop plugin WordPress webpage builder actually makes it modest and simple for you in order to make plus personalize wonderful sites all without anyone else.

In case that you need to completely personalize the site pages on the WordPress, at that point, you will require to incorporate a webpage builder alongside the account. In this blog, we will separate how to utilize a WordPress webpage builder just as the top alternatives accessible for download.Best Page Builder in WordPress.

Why Utilize a drag and drop WordPress webpage builder?

When beginning a blog, numerous beginners think that it’s hard to personalize their designs plus layouts of the WordPress page.

Whereas plenty of bets and premium themes of WordPress accompany different webpage layouts and formats, a large portion of them are very difficult to personalize for any individual who doesn’t recognize code (CSS/HTML).

This is the reason clients regularly ask us inquiries like: “how might we make the WordPress simplified plus drag and drop?” or “even is there a simple and basic WordPress drag and drop webpage builder?”

As soon as we converse alongside individuals, who change from Weebly to WordPress or even from Wix to WordPress, their most basic reaction is: “I desire WordPress consist of a drag and drop webpage builder.”

All in all, there is numerous extraordinary and best drag and drop plugin for WordPress. They enable you to make totally custom webpage designs in WordPress deprived of composing a single code line.Best Page Builder in WordPress.

Since there is such a massive number of free page builder plugin for WordPress available in the marketplace, we chose to look at as well as rank the best builder for WordPress; thus, you could pick the correct solution for the requirement.

Our criteria for looking at these best WordPress builder plugin are a convenience, adaptability, plus the design as well as structure output.

Utilizing a best free WordPress page builder plugin:

Whereas it is simple to discover a theme of the WordPress that adjusts to the work process, the customization or personalization alternatives on most of amazing themes are restricted. Except if you are a webpage designer, you cannot make huge changes to the theme plan plus design.

And this is the place a WordPress finest and best page builder plugin comes in. In addition, Drag and drop WordPress plugin free gives you a chance to make the custom formats plus layouts for the site the manner in which you need. Fundamentally: in case that you could envision it, you would now be able to make it (regardless of whether you are not educated!).

How about we investigate what you must keep in mind once comparing the best landing page builder WordPress so that you could pick the correct one for the requirements.Best Page Builder in WordPress.


In case you are not keen on changing your current theme of the WordPress for a webpage builder plugin or module, at that point, the primary thing you have to check is whether the webpage builder you need to utilize is compatible and good alongside your theme of the WordPress.

In case you discover any of compatibility problems, at that point, you should utilize a theme of builder-compatible for the website.


You have to comprehend the exclusive quality of every builder once comparing and looking at the features. For instance, a few builders are sent with plenty of built-in formats and layouts, whereas others propose many animation effects and impacts.


You have to ensure that the webpage builder you pick enables you to make mobile-friendly, responsive, layouts, and designs out of the box. For the convenience and benefit, each webpage builder we have recorded in this article gives you a chance to make mobile-friendly formats and layouts.

Search engine optimization:

You have to ensure that the webpage builder is making search engine optimization friendly formats and layouts. Fortunately, all of the page builder plugin for WordPress free recorded in this article are a hundred percent search engine optimization friendly as soon as joined alongside the Yoast search engine optimization module or plugin.

Presently, we should investigate the top drag and drop plugin WordPress.Best Page Builder in WordPress.

Best WordPress Website Builder:

    • Beaver Builder

The simplest WordPress webpage builder.

    • Divi Builder

Whole web builder alongside 100 plus demos.

    • Elementor

Best elementor plugins for WordPress theme manufacturer alongside huge amounts of integrations.

    • Themify Builder

Top frontend alters and edits mode.

    • Thrive Architect

Best landing page builder WordPress.

    • SiteOrigin

Best WordPress builder plugin free.

    • WP Bakery Page Builder

Most famous page builder plugin for WordPress free.

1.Beaver Builder:

Beaver Builder is outstanding amid best drag and drop plugin WordPress for site-building. It enables you to make a site the manner in which you need to be deprived of knowing any of the coding abilities. You could drag and drop in order to assemble excellent webpages easily.


Beaver Builder accompanies many stunning webpage templates and layouts; thus, you could simply kickstart the design and structure deprived of beginning from scratch. You could pick a template, supplant the content and pictures alongside your own, as well as afterward hit publish.


Beaver Builder basically works with the majority of the themes of WordPress, providing you full authority over the content. The finest thing is, regardless of whether you quit utilizing the plugin or module, the content or text gets ported to the editor of WordPress. Alongside the pro plan or more, you will get delightful Beaver Builder perfect and compatible themes that enable you to change the styles alongside the native and local WordPress Customizer.


    • Beaver builder consists of responsive layouts, and all are mobile-friendly.
    • SEO friendly
    • In Beaver Builder, you could reuse and save the modules and rows for later utilization, while likewise using widgets and shortcodes once third-party modules do not incorporate alongside Beaver Builder.
    • Beaver Builder abandons 100 percent clean code alongside the best possible formatting of HTML.
    • Beaver Builder provides you with truly great command over the elements, comprising responsive controls and custom spacing.
    • The free version is limited. It begins at 99 dollars for utilization on limited websites.


2.The Divi Builder:

The Divi Builder is a ground-breaking WordPress webpage builder that gives you a chance to assemble any sort of design on the site alongside drag and drop WordPress plugin free. The Divi Builder is manufactured by Elegant Themes, an eminent and famous WordPress plugins, and themes organization.


Divi builder actually works at practically any of the WordPress site. It provides you unlimited potential outcomes to make the most developed layouts and designs without contacting a single code line.Best Page Builder in WordPress.


The plugin or module is packaged with 46 of the builder modules, 20-row kinds, as well as 3 section kinds, which could all be joined and organized to make pretty much any kind of site. Alongside its advanced plan and design settings, you could personalize each component all in all.


That being stated, in case you need to make continuous variations on the design, at that point, you should utilize the Divi theme. Alongside the theme, you could construct your webpage alongside the frontend editor; thus, your webpages could be updated right precisely from the frontend deprived of having to shift back plus forth from the dashboard to the site.

    • SEO friendly.
    • Include settings of responsive design as well as custom CSS.
    • The options of the simple configuration guarantee that you do not have to recognize anything regarding coding. Whereas, you could include your very own custom CSS in case you cannot discover a bit in Divi or in case that you did like to include a totally unique component.
    • Accessible as a major aspect of the 89 dollar membership of Elegant Themes

3. Elementor:

Elementor is the main free, as well as open-source, propelled webpage builder, and manufacturer for WordPress. Alongside its fast drag and drop web builder, you could make instant edits of the webpage from the frontend of the website. Elementor is recognized for its rapid performance and execution, which actually makes it fun and simple to work with.Best Page Builder in WordPress.

Alongside its extensive library of the template, you get many lovely formats and templates of WordPress by their first-class designers, which could be sent out to various sites through the webpage builder.

Elementor bolsters mobile-friendly responsive design, enabling you to construct website pages that work extraordinary on any of the gadgets.

    • SEO friendly
    • Layouts are mobile-ready and responsive
    • Custom padding and margins
    • Controls are responsive. You could hide and show the elements on particular devices.
    • Custom IDs/CSS classes. Alongside Elementor pro, you could directly include CSS styles to basically individual components.
    • The core edition is free of cost. Elementor Pro beginnings at 49 dollars for using on just a single website.

Some of the other cool characteristics of Elementor are below:

  • Canvas:

You could construct a brand new homepage without footer or header, optimized and enhanced for great changes and conversions.

  • Maintenance mode:

For the maintenance, you could get the website offline and disconnected alongside its built-in support and maintenance mode.

  • Zapier integration:

Incorporating and integrating the site with an outsider website application is a breeze utilizing its Zapier integration.

4.Themify Builder:

The Themify builder accompanies a drag and drop plus simplified interface that encourages you to make any of the layouts you could envision easily. The builder accompanies more than 60 prebuilt animation effects and layouts that you could browse. This implies you could rapidly fabricate wonderful pages deprived of beginning from scratch. You should simply just import the designs and layouts you need to utilize, supplant the text and pictures, and you are finished.

The builder basically comes as a standard element for all of the Themify themes. You could likewise utilize their web builder plugin alongside any outsider theme of WordPress.

From the backend compact interface, you could utilize the drag and drop the element to assemble modules rapidly and effectively. In the frontend, you could review the design as well as make live changes and edits to the plugins and modules.Best Page Builder in WordPress.

To improve the abilities of the Themify page builder, you could discover huge amounts of various add-ons that could be bought separately or even as a pack.

    • SEO friendly
    • Themify consists of responsive components across all of the resolutions. The live preview editing of the frontend evacuates the requirement to muddle around the backend, whereas the default simplified drag and drop module incorporates the accompanying: audio, Text, gallery, accordion, widget, post, and more.
    • This page builder is totally free of cost to download as well as works alongside any theme of WordPress. In case you need some more characteristics like video slider, slideshows, and infinite scrolling, you could buy their addon pack for just 39 dollars.

5.Thrive Architect:

Thrive Architect is amid the best page builder plugin for WordPress that is built and worked for conversion centered sites. Thrive Architect is created by similar people behind Thrive Themes, an organization that vends conversion situated WordPress plugins and themes.

Basically Thrive Architect shipped and delivered alongside a drag and drop simplified editing tool as well as 271 prebuilt templates for the landing page.Besides Thrive Architect, you could rapidly make a dazzling landing page, blog posts, sales page, and all that you could request.

    • Seo friendly and mobile responsive
    • Thrive Architect likewise proposes inline true text editing. Actually, Thrive Architect consist the most consistent inline editing or altering the functionality of any of the webpage builder.
    • This page builder leaves a 100 percent clean code.
    • The options of styling are genuinely detailed, as well as incorporate custom spacing and responsive controls.
    • Price begins at 67 dollars for the license of a single website or 19 dollars each month for the membership of Thrive.


SiteOrigin is among the most well-known page builder for WordPress. In the repository of WordPress, with above a million active and dynamic installs. Along SiteOrigin, building a column-based, responsive content is a breeze. Your text or the content will adjust to all gadgets, paying little heed to its resolution of the screen.

The SiteOrigin web builder works flawlessly with the current WordPress gadgets; thus, you could include your preferred gadgets to the sites you construct. The page builder actually works perfectly alongside any of the WordPress themes. The top part regarding SiteOrigin is that you could discover a ton of compatible and perfect good WordPress themes manufactured by similar people behind the plugin of SiteOrigin.

The flexibility and adaptability are among the principal advantages of the plugin or module. Utilizing its propelled row builder, you could pick the accurate number of rows for every column you include.

    • The output is mobile friendly and responsive
    • SEO friendly
    • Could utilize widgets of WordPress as the content blocks
    • Content editing is from the back end
    • Free of cost

7.WPBakery WordPress Page Builder:

The WPBakery WordPress page builder, in the past, recognized as Visual Composer, is among the most famous webpage builders. In the marketplace of CodeCanyon, the main center point of premium WordPress modules and plugins.

In case you require a premium page builder for WordPress that proposes updates for the lifetime, look no further than the WPBakery webpage builder. It accompanies backend and frontend editors, creating content altering speedy and simple.

The WPBakery Webpage Builder actually works consistently alongside famous WordPress modules or plugins. Comprising the best WooCommerce page builder and Yoast SEO. It is likewise compatible and perfect with amazing interpretation plugins and modules, for example, WPML as well as Polylang; thus, you could simply manufacture multilingual sites powered and controlled by the builder.

    • The output is mobile friendly and responsive
    • SEO friendly
    • Back end and front end content editors are available
    • This page builder centers around frontend editing to furnish its clients with an extraordinary visual of their specific work. It is the ideal product for individuals who like to live edit.
    • Utilizing this page builder does not need any of the coding abilities. Yet in case that you need to apply further developed design you could exploit the option of custom CSS.
    • In case that you need to buy WPBakery Page Builder. You could go for just 46 dollars for use on a single website, premium support, free updates, plus access to the Library of the templates.

Conclusion: Which Page Builder for WordPress is the Best and Top Choice?

Pretty much every builder plugin or module out there accompanies a drag and drop web builder on the backend plus the frontend, a live editor. It is significant to comprehend what makes every page builder of WordPress unique and extraordinary.

After our in-depth comparison, we have discovered that Beaver Builder is certainly the best drag and drop plugin WordPress page builder. It accompanies every one of the characteristics that you have to manufacture magnificent site layouts and formats. You could utilize its broad collection of prebuilt formats and layouts to rapidly construct a webpage starting from the earliest stage.  Subsequent to choosing the correct layout and format for the site. You could personalize the webpage the manner in which you need it.

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