Free blogging theme and templates in 2019

Free blogging theme and templates in 2019

October 16, 2019

Table of Content:

  1. Blogging theme and templates mostly used in WordPress
    • OceanWP
    • Jevelin
    • Astra
    • Divi
  1. What you must be known regarding WordPress
    • org and are not the equivalents; however, they are similar
    • WordPress is for much above blogging
    • WordPress is actually usable for sites of all functions and sizes
  1. Future of WordPress
    • Gutenberg is headed
    • A superior UI
    • WordPress Will Get Much Greater
    • Better Support of Multilingual:
  1. Conclusion



WordPress is among the famous blogging stages on the Web, fundamentally because of its ground-breaking and flexibility highlights. One of them is actually its themes and templates, which are profoundly customizable and enable you to design and plan your own remarkable site. In case you are tech-savvy, you could make your very own free WordPress blog themes plus upload it for public or personal utilization. Something else, picking the ideal theme and template for the brand, will be exceptionally significant to the achievement of the online business. Here you are learning Free blogging themes and templates in 2019.

Even though there are amazing WordPress themes plus templates that you could utilize for free, plus you cannot exclude the premium and top-notch ones. WordPress Premium themes give you more capacity to personalize as compared to free formats, which will, in general, be more simple and clean. A well-organized theme will likewise enable your site to rank well on vital web search tools — this is useful, particularly in case you are hoping to acquire traffic to your webpage.

Thus, right now is a perfect opportunity to start sifting through the best WordPress templates and themes. The following are the best blogger templates and themes. Free blogging theme and templates in 2019.

Blogging theme and templates mostly used in WordPress:


  • OceanWP:

OceanWP is amid the most mainstream free WordPress themes alongside huge amounts of premium-like highlights. It consists of its very own partner plugin or module plus recommends installing and setting up a free webpage builder module or plugin upon plugin activation. It tends to be utilized for any kind of site comprising magazines, blogs, an eCommerce store, or a business website.

It’s incorporates numerous fullwidth webpages, layout choices, on top 2 nav menu, various sidebar zones, custom logo support, lovely picture galleries, and significantly more. It is excessively flexible and adaptable yet extremely simple to set up alongside live customizer help and support.

·        Jevelin:

Jevelin is an easy to use, innovative, technically savvy, and simple and amid best responsive blogger templates and top premium theme. This has been built to perform at a first-class level as a multi-purpose site theme alongside profound running customization capacities as well as an intuitive visual webpage building procedure that website admins alongside no past coding background could simply learn inside minutes.

Besides, this fantastic theme is stuffed with pre-planned formats, expertly styled demo sites, plus articulate and functional website page blogger templates. Jevelin consists of all that you have to bring the tasks solidly into the 21st century. Bloggers will likewise discover a particularly comfy space where they could easily circulate and publish their photography, thoughts, general content, or videos.

  • Astra

Astra is an entirely customizable, adaptable plus among free blogger themes. It is appropriate for portfolios, personal blogs, online stores, and business blogs. It works impeccably alongside all the well-known webpage builders comprising Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, and so on. This theme support WooCommerce plus interpretation, ready to make a blog in your very own language.


It is actually a lightweight best theme for bloggers with huge amounts of fonts and colors. Astra consists of a different file page to deal with the content expertly. You could discover the alternatives of the theme in the customizer of WordPress alongside the live review.

  • Divi

Divi is a visually fabulous and creatively bold theme. This engaging and cutting edge theme is web-based media-friendly plus Retina prepared, as well as it is intuitively navigable and easily customizable. Divi proposes a readable, perfect, clear, streamlined, plus responsive design that fills various needs. It is an interestingly flexible and adaptable theme that was developed explicitly to propose a comprehensive, one-stop-shop way out for present-day site building requirements with equivalent, smoothness, and unfaze ease.

Besides, Divi has been intended to be effective and fast for perfect scalability and adaptability, plus it is dependable and robust for touchy utilization. Divi could assist you in making the vast majority of the site deprived of coding.

What you must be known regarding WordPress:

  • org and are not the equivalents; however, they are similar:

We should begin with the most confounding. Thus, WordPress itself is an open-source and free CMS. Basically, it is software that enables individuals to make, organize, plus update sites deprive of having to manually code each page.

Presently, WordPress basically comes in 2 kinds.

To begin with, there is This is a blog facilitating and hosting facility not so much unique in relation to Blogger. It enables an individual to set up a free site that works on a custom WordPress software edition. This edition is restric in what plugins and themes it could utilize. A site likewise can’t be transfer to a different host., then again, is the home of the open-source full WordPress programming software. In case that an organization is constructing you a WordPress webpage, this is actually what they are utilizing. This is what the site you are on right presently is utilizing.

Alongside the programming, the software you could do pretty much anything.

  • WordPress is for much above blogging:

The deep root of WordPress is blogging. At the moment, once it was first manufactured, WordPress was, for the most part, for blogging (and is fundamentally for blogging). Also, the absolute greatest WordPress sites are essentially blogs.

Despite that, today, WordPress is far beyond a blogging stage. Without a doubt, it consists of a lovely and simple to utilize blogging framework incorporate with it still, yet there are a huge number of WordPress websites that do not use their functionality of blogging. Basically, WordPress is an across the board site platform. It could do everything.

  • WordPress is actually usable for sites of all functions and sizes:

There are sites of WordPress of every size and shape. Some might imagine that WordPress is appropriate for smaller webpages alongside a bunch of webpages plus a blog. This is basically false.

In case you are hoping to do some internet business, WordPress proposes an amazing solution alongside Woocommerce, and Woocommerce is, in fact, a free od cost add-on to WordPress, however, to receive the complete utilization in return, you will probably require to buy a couple of premium modules and plugins.

WordPress could likewise be utilize to make scheduling systems, online schools, social network webpages, and significantly more.

Future of WordPress:

  • Gutenberg is head:

At the moment, as soon as it appears that nothing could be better, plus there is no place else for WordPress in order to go, the WP specialists display you are incorrect. One example is Gutenberg, and one of the likely future highlights of WordPress. This feature provides a lot of improved clients plus publishing knowledge.

On the whole, it is a new ground-breaking and innovative editor to give you a chance to alter the posts and webpage content in WordPress with new highlights and potential outcomes. Less time, more image and content management controls, and no coding. The upsides of Gutenberg will be many. Here you are learning Free blogging themes and templates in 2019.

  • A superior UI:

What we could anticipate from in the future is a superior UI.

What truly portrays UI as easy to understand is its design that envisions what site clients should do and consolidates parts and components which are simple to access, comprehend plus use to encourage these activities.

  • WordPress Will Get Much Greater:

Another fact is that WordPress actually moves towards its bright future as a publishing stage as well as an application structure. Because of the new entryways, the REST Programming interface has opened for WordPress designers. With respect to now, numerous specialists and digital agencies are energetic to discover smart and classy methods for REST Programming interface development and use.

This amazing working course, accompanied by the anticipated beginning of Gutenberg, guarantees a splendid WordPress future. It implies increasingly appropriate and happy with working stage both for publishers and developers, more chances, and dependable social orders for both sides.

  • Better Support of Multilingual:

Another significant benefit of WordPress is its interpretation of readiness and availability. Whereas there are numerous themes that are interpretation ready plus modules previously converted into various languages, it is relied upon to see additional outcomes in this connection within a foreseeable future.


All these well-known WordPress blog templates and themes that are referenced above accompany wonderful functions and features. These themes are very much tried as well as are pick cautiously to coordinate your advantage. Here you are learning Free blogging themes and templates in 2019.

As WordPress has seen amazing development throughout the years, plus there is no uncertainty that it will keep on overwhelming the business in the future.  Alongside the new editorial manager and up as well as the future’s new highlights.  An ever-increasing number of webpages will be based and constructed on WordPress.

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