WordPress Plugin Development in few easy steps

WordPress Plugin Development in few easy steps

October 4, 2019

Table of Content:

  1. Introduction
  2. What You Have to Know Before WordPress Plugin development
  3. The most effective method to Make The First WordPress Plugin
    •  1: Set Up and arrange a Testing Domain
    •  2: Make a New Module or Plugin File
    •  3: Include Code to the Plugin
    •  4: Export plus Install the Plugin or Module on a Live Website
  1. WordPress Plugin Development Company
  2. WordPress plugin development services
  3. Hire WordPress Plugin Developer
  4. Conclusion


WordPress is a famous open-source blog framework. Because of its extensibility and usability, it is nearly the blog industry de-facto standard. Alongside their module of plugin development, web engineers are allowed to construct their very own custom plugin development to include new characteristics. A few of the examples are webpage explicit spam combating, photo gallery, SEO features and significantly more.WordPress Plugin Development in few easy steps.

A basic WordPress plugin development is really a files group or single file which enhances or extends the functionality and usefulness of a WordPress website. Deprived of the utilization of plugins and modules, WordPress is somewhat progressively like a blogging platform. For instance, with the utilization of an internet business plugin, we could construct web-based business websites inside WordPress. Utilizing a membership plugin or module, a website that is membership-based could be built upon and worked with respect to WordPress.

What You Have to Know Before WordPress Plugin development : 

Before you make the plugin, you ought to likewise think about how you will utilize names. This basically applies both to the functions it comprises and the plugin itself. You will have to abstain from naming collisions, which happen once various components on a website have a similar name.

You ought to likewise decide how you will need to structure the WordPress plugin. In fact, this implies choosing whether you will utilize a single file for the code or even spread it out over various documents. What’s more, you will additionally need to plan out by what means you will structure the folders of plugins.WordPress Plugin Development in few easy steps.

Obviously, there is bounty more to consider as before you become a complete WordPress plugin developer. For instance, the security of the plugin is basic so as to ensure the plugin does not comprise any vulnerability. You may likewise need to give documentation to the plugin in case you plan on sharing it.

We understand this is a great deal to take in; however, do not stress. A ton of these contemplations just become relevant once you make plugins that are planned for others to utilize, plus you are most likely still a short time away from doing that. Rather, how about we dial it back as well as get viable. Believe it or not — it is a great opportunity to build up a plugin!

The most effective method to Make The First WordPress Plugin:

The opportunity has arrived to make the first WordPress Plugin. In that capacity, we will stick to something essential. All through the accompanying phases, we will be making a plugin that will modify the text of the link that displays once you embed a Read More tag in a post.

Phase 1: Set Up and arrange a Testing Domain:

Once you are creating anything, regardless of whether it is making a plugin or creating different improvements that can influence your website, you ought to consistently utilize a testing domain. This is otherwise called a ‘local environment ‘or ‘staging site,’ contingent upon whether the website is put away on an outside server or very your own PC.WordPress Plugin Development in few easy steps.

Despite the area, the testing condition ought to be a private copy of the website. This gives you a chance to include, too, as well as alter the webpage’s documents plus functionality and usefulness, without the danger of making harm the genuine live site. This is particularly significant when you are working alongside core plugins and files, as mix-ups can make enduring harm to the site.

Luckily, setting up and arranging a testing website is entirely basic, on account of the wide assortment of tools that are accessible to enable you to out. In order to set up and arrange a local situation or environment, we suggest a tool, for instance, Desktop Server. This basic program makes it simple to install and introduce a nearby edition of WordPress on the PC.


You could likewise make a web-based staging webpage. This will work as a precise copy of the real site, then again; actually just you and different administrators could get to it.

Later on, you could copy the modifications and changes that you have made on the organizing website plus import them back even to the live edition.

As soon as you have the hazard-free testing condition ready, it is an ideal opportunity to make an official plugin.

Phase 2: Make a New Module or Plugin File:

To begin assembling another plugin or module, you will require access to the directory of the website. The simplest approach to do this is by utilizing SFTP, which is a technique for managing and viewing with the files of the website once they are situated on an outer server. We will be utilizing a customer known as FileZilla in our model; meanwhile it is both simple to utilize and free.


FileZilla and utilize the credentials of SFTP given by the web host to get to your website. When you are in, you will have to navigate and explore the folder that comprises the plugins, which is situated at/wp-content/modules/.

To include the new plugins or modules, you will have to make another folder within this directory or registry. Do so now, plus provide it any of the unique names you did like. We will call our own very first module or plugin.

This specific folder is the place everything identified with the plugin or module will ‘live’ on the website. Since this module or plugin will be extremely straightforward, it just requires containing a single document, which you will make now. And this will be a file of PHP, which will comprise the code of the plugin.WordPress Plugin Development in few easy steps.

This way, open the directory of very-first-plugin as well as inside it; you need to right-click to choose Create new file.

 Approached to name the document:

This ought to be indistinguishable from the folder, thus, call it absolute first-plugin.php (ensure to utilize the correct extension of file). This document will currently be included in the folder.

Now, you will have to include some fundamental data to the file. That data will be utilized by WordPress to show the name of the plugin, content, as well as different data. In order to perform this, you need to right-click on the file of PHP plus choose Edit or View. You will, at that moment, be approached to open the document, which you could do in any of the text editors, for example, Notepad or TextEdit.

The document is vacant currently thus paste the accompanying text or content into it:

Normally, don’t hesitate to modify the data here to coordinate the genuine subtleties, before saving the document. When investigated as to whether you need to upload the file right back to the server of the webpage, click on the option Yes.

At the point when that is done, you could really observe the plugin on the website‘s administrator dashboard. Sign in now and investigate the plugin library.

You could even feel free to Activate the plugin now in the administrator panel. Obviously, the plugin does not really do anything yet. That is on the grounds that we have not included any functionality and usefulness to it.


Phase 3: Include Code to the Plugin:

As we referenced before, this plugin or module is going to modify the text that shows up once you embed a Read More tag. To perceive what this regularly resembles, make another blog post as well as tap on the icon of Insert Read More tag.

In case that you publish and issue the post and look at it toward the front end of the website, you will observe that the tag has been supplanted alongside a link that states “Continue reading”:

This is the content that we need to modify:

In order to perform that, open up the very first-plugin.php document once more. At that point, include another line at the document end, as well as paste in the accompanying code:

How about we rapidly separate what this specific code comprises. To start with, it makes another function and capacity, which we have known as ‘dh_modify_read_more_link.’ You will see that we included the “DH” prefix, in order to ensure the name is exclusive and unique.

This function does actually acquire the link for the present post, plus after that apply the “Click to Read!” anchor content. This is the content that will supplant “Continue reading.” Obviously, you could don’t hesitate to modify this content to anything you need to utilize.

The last line in this specific code utilizes a filter in order to hook or guide into a function known as the_content_more_link, which characterizes the link as Reading More. The filter actually instructs and teaches WordPress in order to call the new function rather.

Now, you could save the file of the plugin. Since you previously activated the module or plugin, its usefulness and functionality must work immediately. Test this by testing and checking the website to check whether the link content has altered.

In case that it worked, at that point congrats! And if not, you should check the code to ensure you entered the whole thing accurately. Likewise, verify whether the plugin or module is active, as well as that all of the function names are right.WordPress Plugin Development in few easy steps.

When you have the plugin or module to work, you are ready and prepared to advance to the last phase.

Phase 4: Export plus Install the Plugin or Module on a Live Website:

Your fresh and new plugin is presently fit to be utilized on a live website. Luckily, this phase is generally the least difficult. You should simply to compress and pack the folder of the very first-plugin into a Zip document. In case that you utilized a local environment to make the plugin, you simply require to right-tap on the folder and choose Compress.

In case that you have been utilizing SFTP, then again, you could do something very similar by primary right-tapping on the folder as well as choosing Download.

When the folder has downloaded to the PC, you could compress it simply like we referenced previously.

This compressed file would then be able to be uploaded to the live website. Open the WordPress administrator dashboard, and navigate to the Plugins, plus afterward tap on Add New.

On the following screen, you could choose the Upload Plugin, which will give you a chance to pick a plugin document from your PC.

Choose the file named as very-first-plugin.zip you made and tap Install Now. The module or plugin will currently be included in the live website, as well as you could activate it, of course.WordPress Plugin Development in few easy steps.

That is it! You have effectively made the first plugin plus uploaded it to actually a live WordPress website. In case that this experience has gained you quickly to ground further alongside plugin improvement and development, fantastic!

WordPress Plugin Development Company:

Plugins are the most significant components for various CMS that we basically work on. It is less or more serves as a heart of the usefulness and functionality of the site. Plugins spare a ton of improvement time and thus cost. Outfitting and enabling this territory has been a specialism for the advancement team at Pressveterans. We generally had confidence in personalizing and creating plugins and modules for the improved meant of the site’s usefulness to assist improve client experience.

Pressveterans proposes a team of profoundly experienced designers who are skillful at structure plugins for different CMS, for instance, WordPress development, WordPress plugin development, Symfony, Laravel WordPress, Nodejs, Backbonejs, Angularjs Frameworks, along with other services as responsive design, branding, ongoing-support, and PSD to HTML and some more. Plugin personalization and customization could enable you to make the module functionalities work as indicated by the requirement of the site. Our advancement group has dealt with some complex modules and plugins plus personalized. It to an intense level to address the client prerequisites. Personalizing the plugin could likewise be helpful in proposing better experience and UI.WordPress Plugin Development in few easy steps.

WordPress plugin development services:

Pressveterans had expertise in WordPress development as well as services of WordPress module and plugin development. WordPress plugins and modules are the little. Yet incredible options and significant extensions of current usefulness and are included to a WordPress website to include new plus significant characteristics to the website. Our skilled and experienced group is completely equipped for growing profoundly personalized WordPress modules and plugins to provide more features to the WordPress site. We, at Pressveterans could guarantee you of providing great plugins. Which are search engine optimization friendly, simple to utilize and integrate, deliver great execution, good with the vast majority of WordPress editions, and are incredibly bug-free and verified.

Hire WordPress Plugin Developer:

Pressveterans is the biggest WordPress advancement and development organization in Pakistan. Proposing effective services of our experiences WordPress designers on hire basis and origin to enterprises around the world. Hire committed WordPress engineers from us on an hourly basis, part-time or full time to construct the most expert. WordPress improvement and development solutions alongside greatest quality principles.WordPress Plugin Development in few easy steps.


Not exclusively is WordPress an exceptionally user-friendly and easy to understand the platform. However it additionally proposes a lot of flexibility and adaptability. Because of its nature, which is open-source, anyone could include new usefulness to the platform. The ideal approach to begin is by making your own modules and plugins.

All set to the following level alongside WordPress development? Select Pressveterans, our oversaw WordPress hosting, and facilitating solution. Alongside programmed and automatic updates plus solid security protections, Pressveterans takes server. The executives off the hands thus you could concentrate on what you excel at.

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