WordPress theme Development With Bootstrap

WordPress theme Development With Bootstrap

September 27, 2019

Table of content

  1. Theme development
  2. WordPress theme development with bootstrap
  3. Starter Phases
    • Getting to the folder of BOOTSTRAP
    • Making THE Main or Primary CSS WEBPAGE
    • Image
    • Activate the theme
    • Changing over the static file in a useful and functional theme of WordPress
    • FIXING of the broken links TO THE JAVASCRIPT AND CSS Files
    • Including the function as named wp_head()
    • FIXING the Issues of FOOTER
    • Including the tag as wp_footer()
    • Loading a file of javascript
    • Making A WORDPRESS Landing page
    • The basic loop function
  4. Utilizing Bootstrap WordPress theme builder
  5. What of the way you utilize to make WordPress theme development from scratch?
  6. WordPress theme for web Development Company
  7. Conclusion

Web development is an excellent and exceptional quality free of cost WordPress theme grew mainly for site development and advancement organizations which propose services for the web development like web development, website design, and so on. Website development is basically a responsive mobile WordPress theme which appears noteworthy in PCs, mobile and huge screens also. Web development is effectively customizable and adaptable through Customizer alternatives. This article will give you knowledge about “WordPress theme Development With Bootstrap.

Responsive sites naturally change in accordance to look great plus well on any of the size screens. In case that you are likewise thinking to create a responsive WordPress site from scratch, nothing could be superior to Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is actually a responsive, quick, lightweight, and simple system to create mobile-first websites. You could utilize it consistently over different stages. In this way, WordPress and Bootstrap make the best mix to make a responsive site alongside super speed.

Theme Development:

WordPress themes are the basic files that actually work together to make the functionality and design of a WordPress website. Each of the themes might be extraordinary, proposing numerous decisions for webpage proprietors to immediately change their site look and appearance.

WordPress theme development with bootstrap:

Bootstrap is basically a toolbox that assists in the development and advancement of complex website applications. It was created by engineers at Twitter as well as was made accessible to the open-source network and community. Bootstrap is actually lightweight as per it is coded in the LessCSS.

So as to construct a responsive WordPress theme utilizing bootstrap, you do not need to realize how to write and compose code. All that you require are essential aptitudes like realizing how to get to the dashboard of WordPress and including pages or plugins. Bootstrap is perfect for you in case that you are hoping to fabricate a responsive website that looks extraordinary on changed screen sizes, particularly on handheld cell phones. Beneath we see phase by phase development of WordPress theme alongside bootstrap:

Starter Phases:

There are certain fundamental phases that you have to take before utilizing bootstrap alongside WordPress. These are the installation of the WordPress, unzipping and downloading the files of Bootstrap, as well as installation of the plugin named as Theme Test Drive. The module or plugin enables individuals to perceive a ‘coming soon’ or ‘site under construction’ webpage that they must access on your webpage, just install and introduce it in case that you don’t need clients to consider the site as you fabricate it. Subsequent to guaranteeing that you have made all the starter phases, it is presently time to start including bootstrap to WordPress:

1. Getting to the folder of BOOTSTRAP

Access and approach the directory is comprising all of the WordPress documents.

  • You need to go to wp-content.
  • Make a new folder, and you could call it as wpbootstrap.
  • Copy as well as paste the folder of bootstrap in the folder that you have quite recently made.
  • Inside the wpbootstrap (the recently made one) make (a document)index.php.


To make a static HTML webpage, source code needs to be copied from the webpage or website page you pick plus paste it into the folder index.php.

3. Making THE Main or Primary CSS WEBPAGE:

In index.php, make a file or document plus call it as style.css (Don’t name it generally. For the basic theme to work, WordPress expects it to be termed as style.css). It ought to be at a similar level as index.php.

Include the Accompanying Remark TO THE Highest point of the file named as STYLE.CSS:

WordPress utilizes this comment to get to the theme of the Metadata.


4. Image:

You have to upload a picture that will show up in the WordPress administrator section. The picture size ought to be 300 x 225 pixels. Name it as screenshot.png (this is the prerequisite of WordPress. Try not to name it generally). Your structure of the file or document ought to be like:


5. Activate the theme:

  • You need to get access to the admin area.
  • Then, go to the appearance and after that, go to theme.
  • You must see new and a unique theme named as wpbootstrap.

See the below picture:




6. Changing over the static file in a useful and functional theme of WordPress:

  • Make three files: footer.php, sidebar.php and header.php (note that the specific naming is all things considered here)
  • Copy the entire HTML at the highest point of webpages into the file of the header.php.

Make sure that it would seem that this:





at the end of the webpage, you need to copy the HTML in to file named FOOTER.PHP. make sure it seems like this:


On the other hand, you could plus copy as well as paste into footer.php and header.php.


We will utilize the tags as get_footer() and get_header(). These two are actually the built-in functions of WordPress. They assist in discovering the footer and header documents and after that include them to the bottom and top of the webpage.

As soon as we make more webpages, we should include the footer and header code on each of the webpage. In case that we have to alter something in the footer or header, we could edit or alter it at one spot plus the modifications will reflect the whole way across the webpages

8. FIXING of the broken links TO THE JAVASCRIPT AND CSS Files:

And to do this, we will start from the header.

Modify THE CODE AS Portrayed HERE:


From a similar webpage, search for what to include into the file of the style.css.

Here, we have utilized the function as bloginfo()that connects to the themes of the file of bootstrap CSS. We have additionally utilized the @import tag to assist in connecting to files of bootstrap’s CSS from the fundamental file of style.css.



9. Including the function as named wp_head()

This function assists in the expansion of JavaScript or CSS to the website. This makes sure any of the plugins or modules that we install and set up work.




10. FIXING the Issues of FOOTER:

We have to erase the links to the files of JavaScript that we won’t utilize on the website. This is the manner by which the file code of the footer.php ought to be:


Including the tag as wp_footer():

This is set in just before the closing or end body tag. It should resemble this:


12. Loading a file of javascript:

Utilizing the function of load jquery, wp_enqueue_script() close wp_head().



Make a file named as functions.php.

Check whether the drop-down menu resembles this


13. Making A WORDPRESS Landing page:

  • Access the administration zone.
  • Tap pages and then include new.
  • The webpage must be named as home.
  • Tap on the tab of HTML (over the content editor).
  • Cut the rest of the markup from the index.php.
  • So, on the homepage, you need to paste it and then, publish.

This is the way the landing page must look:


The main things that ought to be left in index.php are the footer and header.

14. The basic loop function:

You have to incorporate the content that you need to make in the administrator region in the template layout. This function can loop through a post or page as well as pull the information like the date of publishing, title, comments, and author. It likewise pulls the text or content.

HERE IS THE loop function code:


Likewise, CHECK What INDEX.PHP Resembles LIKE Subsequent to Utilizing THE Loop function.


We at that point, need to include the code that will actually pull the content and webpage title. The code we will include is the_content()and the_title().

  • Go to the Settings in the administrator region, then, reading or perusing.
  • Below ‘front page displays’ pick ‘static page’ rather than blog posts.
  • Choose ‘home’ from the landing page.
  • This will make sure that a static webpage is shown rather than blog posts on the landing page


In the administrator zone, include more pages: contacts, blog, about us, or even news.

Locate the unordered rundown alongside the class ‘nav’ plus erase all the rundown things to supplant the static menu of navigation alongside one that shows the webpages that we have actually published.

16.Including Widgets:

Including the widgets enable us to utilize them in the sidebar.



Utilizing Bootstrap WordPress theme builder:

In case that you need a cool option in contrast to coding, you could utilize pressveteran’s WordPress web builder. Exceptional programming software that will provide a plain- sailing simplified drag plus drop condition. You do not need to compose a solitary code line. It will be simply a question of a couple of minutes to plan and design your very own theme.


The fascinating truth is that every one of the themes you plan and design in pressveteran will be bootstrap centered by default. Thus, no additional botherations to incorporate bootstrap in WordPress. Simply grow the skylines of your creative mind, as well as paint down the WordPress theme you had always wanted on the canvas of Pressveteran!! Pressveteran is the WordPress theme development with Bootstrap company in Lahore.

What of the way you utilize to make WordPress theme development from scratch:

You could simply make WordPress theme development alongside the assistance of this specific blog. Even so, the decision simply relies on your choice that you need to go for enormous code lines or all through web builder. Along these lines, making theme development from scratch is not anymore a troublesome task now. In any case, the technique to make WordPress custom theme development is altogether in your grasp.

WordPress theme for web Development Company:

Give all your present as well as future customers a chance to rock their planet alongside your website development and web design functions and capacities with Pressveteran as among the top –reasonable and rated WordPress theme dev. This magnificently adjustable and effectively customizable web builder is prepared to provide all your images and content in style with the goal that they will be simple to process for each and every site guest.


Prepared to transform all your inventive thoughts into the real world, Pressveteran accompanies absolutely cross and responsive mobile – consistent design, flawless navigation levels and fast loading time, translation – prepared and ready system thus, to have the content translated and converted into all the required languages.

With this amazing service, Pressveteran provides its customers with other amazing services, for instance, web application utilizing WordPress, theme and plugin development and its maintenance, application development and complex plugin and theme modification.


On the whole, the above stages tell you the best way to utilize bootstrap alongside WordPress. As you see, it is not as perplexing as it might appear. As soon as you pursue the stages, you are en route to building and contrasting a responsive WordPress theme utilizing bootstrap, even alongside no coding information and knowledge.


Bootstrap is best for the WordPress custom theme development, and it is winning the internet. It tends to be assessed by the way that it is utilized by 17 percent of the considerable number of sites. Over the limited capacity to focus time, its fame has developed surprisingly. This is for its competence to create mobile-first, responsive sites.

This topic was “WordPress theme Development With Bootstrap” if you have any question and suggestion please comment below.

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